Everything started from producing nature aquariums

It is Takashi Amano who established Nature Aquarium based on his own view of nature and aquarium philosophy. Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Goods were born from Amano’s necessity of producing Nature Aquarium layouts. Moreover, he has been proving and improving their performance and usability by himself, creating numerous Nature Aquariums. As a result, Nature Aquarium Goods have gained the quality and originality, which are special and unique only to Aqua Design Amano. This is why you feel “ADA” in each and every piece of Nature Aquarium Goods.
ADA products nature aquarium

The reason why the professionals in the world select ADA.

The world’s top aquascapers place their complete trust in Aqua Design Amano products. ADA products are professionals’ first choice because they have seen so many Nature Aquariums, which are featured inside specialty magazines published in their countries, proving products’ effectiveness in addition to their superior usability and design. The professional aquascap-ers who have used various different aquarium products can understand the difference. They say they have a great sense of attachment and special feelings to ADA products. lf you seriously master your hobby, you can enjoy it even more by carefully selecting your tools and equipment.
ADA aquascape Takashi Amano

ADA brand recognized by global aquarium stores.

Nature aquarium originated in japan is now widely enjoyed by aquarists in more than 60 countries and regions of the world and has sublimated a hobby of planted layout into a culture. In top-level aquarium stores in the world, ADA products are nicely displayed and admired by enthusiastic aquarists. Being a global brand recognized by professionals, ADA offers a full lineup of ultimate quality products suitable for leading aquarium shops. Spending more quality time of hobby make your life rich and full.
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