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ADA - Nature Aquarium

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Inhibition of algea and prevention fish and crustacean diseases

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FLEXI mini LED and the Scape Set by Oliver Knott

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exclusive aquarium collection

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Our brands high quality and innovative aquarium products

ADA Nature Aquarium GoodsTWINSTAR inhibition of green algae, prevention of fish and shrimp diseaseFLEXI miniATLEDTiSSeachem


The new AZOO FLEXI mini Scape Set

Consisting of awhite glass aquarium(32 x 21 x 24 cm, 16 liters),Flexi mini LED lighting and a high-quality hang-on external…

16 Nov 2015

The new TWINSTAR Series

E.A. european aquaristics GmbH introduces TWINSTAR2-Series to the european market. After the succesful implementation of TWINSTAR at the european market, the E.A european…

03 Jun 2015